Explained: Which Pickleball Paddle Weight Is Right for You?

by Patrick Moore on Oct 5, 2023

Explained: Which Pickleball Paddle Weight Is Right for You?

Pickleball Paddle Weights Explained

Why Paddle Weight Matters

As we continue our ‘Explained” series we dive into paddle weight and how it can affect the playability of a paddle. Along with core thickness, material, and shape, the weight of a paddle is an important top-level attribute to look at before purchasing a paddle.

Here at Pickleball Central we slot paddles into three broad categories:

Because many modern paddles fall into the midweight category, we break it down even more:

  • Light-Midweight 7.3 – 7.6 oz.
  • Mid-Heavyweight 8.1 – 8.4 oz.

While different people may divide the categories of paddles differently, as long as you understand how weight affects playability then you will be able to find a paddle that works for you. Simply put, lightweight paddles prioritize control, midweight paddles balance control and power, while heavyweight paddles add the most power to the paddle.

What paddles to shop for by weight

Lightweight paddles are able to create control because they are more maneuverable, allowing you to reach more shots and be more precise with your contact point. You lose some power with lightweight paddles due to the lack of mass behind your shots. Some options for lightweight paddles are  Engage Pursuit Mx 6.0 Graphite PaddleSelkirk Vanguard 2.0 S2 PaddleProkennex Kinetic Pro Flight Paddle, and VERSIX® Strike 4F Composite Paddle.

Midweight paddles balance control and power by offering maneuverability near the net and ample power when returning shots from deep in the court. Some options for midweight paddles are  Joola Ben Johns Perseus Cfs 16 Carbon Fiber Pickleball PaddleDiadem Edge 18K Carbon Fiber Pickleball PaddleONIX Z5 Graphite Paddle, and CRBN-1X Power Series Carbon Fiber Paddle.

Heavyweight paddles create power by getting more mass behind your shots. This extra weight can make paddles harder to maneuver quickly when you're hitting volleys at the net, but if you want more power for your drives, serves and slams, using a heavier paddle will help with that. Many players customize the weight of their paddle by adding lead tape around the edge of the paddle face to make it more head heavy, more handle heavy, or more heavy all the way around. Some options for heavyweight paddles are  Diadem Warrior V1 Carbon Fiber PaddlePaddletek Bantam Ex-L Paddle, and Electrum Model E Elite 16Mm Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle.

As with any attribute of a paddle, weight is just one aspect to consider. Depending on other attributes of the paddle, a slightly heavier paddle can still feel maneuverable, and a lighter paddle can still help you create power.

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