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Pickleball Tournament Sponsorship

Pickleball Central LOVES tournaments!

PickleballCentral supports tournaments through the PT Perks Program at PT Perks provides many new goodies and special offers to help tournament directors improve the experience of players at their tournaments. You will find offers for free or low-cost tournament balls, wrist bands, the orange Pickleball Central bags (of course!) and much more. If you have questions you can contact or simply review the PT Perks info page here.


Please submit all requests for future tournament sponsorship via the PT Perks informational page. All PickleballCentral sponsorships will be handled through PT Perks.

Thanks. Have a great tournament!


Looking for a way to make tournament planning easier and your tournament more successful? offers pickleball tournament registration and management tools and is considered the #1 resource for pickleball tournament management support. We are proud to be the official affiliate partner with and have developed a line of tournament products that are specifically geared to address the unique needs of pickleball tournaments including custom pickleball medals, t-shirts, and more!

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