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GRYP Pickleball Paddles

Adjustable weight carbon fiber GRYP pickleball paddles

Paddles with Adjustable Weighting Technology and T700 Raw Carbon Fiber

Founded in 2022, GRYP Pickleball is the brainchild of Randy and Kramer, who transitioned from pickleball competitors to business collaborators. With a mission centered on delivering optimal spin and crafting superior paddle handles, GRYP draws its name from the dual meaning of "grip" in paddles gripping and spinning pickleballs, and players gripping the paddle handle. Randy, a pizza enthusiast, and Kramer, with a background in box sales, showcase their creative and meticulous approach to product development by bringing adjustable weight paddles to the market, with a truly innovative butt-cap-weighting system to customize the static weight and balance point of your paddle. Expressing gratitude for the support they've received, the duo hints at an even more exciting forthcoming release, reaffirming GRYP's ongoing dedication to excellence and innovation within the vibrant pickleball community.