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Engage Pickleball paddles are created with science and performance in mind. The US-based manufacturer uses “applied physics” to ensure your paddle is made with top-of-the-line materials, stellar design and incredible feel. The extensive prototype-testing process weeds out any potential issues and leaves you with a fantastic product. Just in case, Engage Pickleball has a Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects (normal wear and tear, abuse, and negligence is not covered). Not only does this manufacturer make awesome pickleball paddles, they’re also do-gooders; Engage Pickleball donates 5% of its total revenue back to growing the sport.

An Interview with Rob Elliott of Engage Pickleball

Here's a transcript of Rob's interview at 2015 Nationals:

I am here with Rob Elliott of EngagePickleball. It seems like the Engage players have had some success here at the National tournament! Who's playing and how have they done?

They're doing really well. We had the Dawson's play, they got Silver yesterday. They both used the Engage paddles and we've had many of the other winners... Marcin, who got the Gold during the week also... some of the other players also.

There's a couple younger ones who did okay, as well! Who are they?

Our son and daughter also got the Gold today in Junior Mixed Doubles which is exciting for them.

So Engage is a new player on the pickleball paddle market. How long have you been out and what brought you into the game?

We've been making paddles for about six months now, and the biggest thing is just finding the right paddle. We had a hard time finding a paddle for my wife so we went around, did a lot of research and created the first paddle (the Encore) and it was just really popular. People tried it and loved it, and that's kind of how we got involved.

I've played with it a little bit in our warehouse and I like it, because I can get a bit of extra spin on that paddle. But some controversy is that people think it might not be a paddle that passes the roughness test, but that's not the case is it?

No it's not the case... it passed the roughness test. So there's a lot of people out there saying it is too rough but it 100% passed the roughness test. The first time we submitted the paddle it was legal, and always has been and always will be. Since the new test was announced on November 1, it passed it with no problems so it's going to be legal forever.

Well that's good news for those who like this paddle.


Thanks for your time, Rob.

Thank you.