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9 Products

Wilson Pickleball Paddles

Wilson Sports pickleball paddles in carbon fiber and fiberglass, textured for spin and control.

Wilson Relaunches Pickleball Paddles with Top-Tier Tech

Wilson has been in the sporting goods business for over 100 years, and was the first global racquet brand to get involved with pickleball. They are based in Chicago and are a subsidiary of the Finnish group Amer Sports. Wilson make sports equipment for many sports including football, basketball, golf, baseball, and tennis, and started making paddles for pickleball way back in 2013. At the time, Wilson's entry into the pickleball market evidenced the growing popularity of the sport, and their continued presence in the sport denotes their dedication to its success. Wilson's approach to pickleball paddle design includes three concepts...first, they are committed to the most advanced paddle technology available. Second, they are committed to innovation as they are constantly improving their designs. And finally, they focus on the needs of all types of players - from beginner to professional.