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Honoring the Past,
Celebrating the Future!

Heritage Pickle-ball

Once upon a time, on the sun-kissed courts of Bainbridge Island, a spirited game was born––pickleball.

From humble beginnings to a global phenomenon, this beloved sport weaves a tapestry of tradition and camaraderie that spans generations.

Today, we proudly introduce "Heritage Pickle-Ball," a brand that pays homage to the roots of pickleball while infusing it with a fresh wave of trendsetting style and innovation.

Curious About
Our Pickleball Journey

Dive into the rich tapestry of Heritage Pickle-Ball's history, where tradition meets innovation. Discover the roots of our passion, the milestones that shaped us, and the legends who inspired it all..

Join us on a journey through time, and uncover the essence of our heritage, woven into every paddle, apparel piece, and accessory we offer. Read the blog..

Welcome to
Heritage Pickle-ball.

Catch the Excitement:

At Heritage Pickle-ball, we're all about limitless possibilities, just like your love for the game. Get ready for exclusive paddle drops, stylish court-to-street apparel, and eye-catching accessories like hats and socks.

Buckle up; we're just getting started, constantly exploring fresh designs to make your pickleball journey unforgettable. The future is bright, you'll want to see what's next!.

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Heritage Pickle-ball Apparel & Accessories

Welcome to Heritage Pickle-ball; you may have noticed the dash. Heritage Pickle-ball is a collection of apparel, accessories, and paddles that draw influence from the game’s invention on Bainbridge Island and the very first pickleball company ever, Pickle-Ball Inc. Visit this page frequently for stylish clothing, head-turning accessories, and retro-inspired paddles that bring a new life to the original logo and all that it represents.