Welcome to Heritage Pickle-ball

by Patrick Moore on Aug 7, 2023

Welcome to Heritage Pickle-ball

What is Pickle-ball INC?

Here at Pickleball Central we have been involved with the game of pickleball since its inception in 1965 on Bainbridge Island. Back then, the inventors of the game, including Barney McCallum, started a company called Pickle-ball Inc. to keep up with the rising interest in the game.

Officially founded in 1972 as the very first pickleball company ever, Pickle-ball Inc. specialized in wooden paddles designed specifically for their new game. For years Pickle-ball Inc was at the forefront of pickleball paddle technology, even starting to produce some of the first honeycomb core fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles.

As more players and companies joined the sport, it became more commonly referred to simply as Pickleball. While the name lost the “dash”, Pickle-ball Inc. paved the way for what you see now at Pickleball Central.

Heritage Pickle-ball

Heritage Pickle-ball's journey starts with a love for the game, a deep respect for its origins, and a desire to celebrate the pioneers who crafted this thrilling sport. Our mission is to keep the flame of pickleball's heritage alive while embracing the boundless possibilities of the future.

On this journey together we wanted to create a place where we could pay homage to the roots of pickleball while infusing it with a fresh wave of trendsetting style and innovation. Look out for contemporary styles that salute vintage aesthetics to seamlessly blend tradition with modernity.

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The Decades Collection 1960

For our initial release we thought the most fitting starting point would be the era in which pickleball was invented, the 1960’s. While we stopped short of flare pants and A-line dresses, we drew inspiration from the styles of the era and the original Pickle-ball Inc logo to create a cohesive line that highlights the best parts of the 60’s.

From hoodies to socks to a limited-edition paddle, this line will offer something that you or someone in your life can rock on a daily basis. 

The best part? It is all coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

What to Expect from Heritage Pickle-ball

As we move forward with the Heritage Pickle-ball line we will continue to produce product lines with an eye on the history of the game. We plan on focusing on casual clothing and fun paddles that feature unique designs.

Like the original 1960s Collection, we will continue to offer limited releases of special edition paddles and stylish clothing that bring people together and move the sport forward by focusing on its exciting past and boundless possibilities. 

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