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4 Products

PIKKL Pickleball Paddles

Multiweave Raw Carbon Thermoformed Unibody PIKKL-brand Pickleball Paddles

Multi-weave Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddles from PIKKL

PIKKL, founded by Dan & Heidi Martinson, Mike & Erin Strommen, and alongside the esteemed David Dutrieuille, is driven by a passion for pickleball and a commitment to excellence. Dan, a seasoned entrepreneur, and Heidi, parents of three, bring their love for the sport to PIKKL, cherishing the community it creates quality equipment. Mike and Erin, enamored with pickleball since 2019, foster a vibrant community and extend their love for the game through PIKKL. David, a devoted family man and accomplished pickleball figure, has significantly impacted the sport nationally and serves as a key figure at PIKKL, shaping the brand with his leadership, passion, and expertise. Together, these individuals form the dynamic force behind PIKKL, infusing innovation, community, and dedication into every aspect of the brand.