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6 Products

REVOLIN Pickleball Paddles

Revolin Hemp Fiber and Lava Rock Fiber Environmentally Friendly Pickleball Paddles

Environmentally Friendly Pickleball Paddles Incorporating Hemp Fibers and Lava Rock

REVOLIN Pickleball, starting in 2015 and driven by a passion for pickleball, high school tennis player and aspiring engineer Hugh Davis embarked on a journey. Despite winning tournaments and securing sponsorships, his equipment consistently broke. Determined to improve technology, Hugh, with his sister Greta's assistance, crafted the first REVOLIN Pickleball prototype paddle. Their commitment to excellence extended to eco-friendly materials, proving that high performance and sustainability can coexist. Today, REVOLIN Sports thrives, delivering performance-driven pickleball equipment and paddles to players nationwide.

REVOLIN Hemp Fiber Green Pickleball Paddles