ProKennex Air-O-Guard Bumper V. 1 System Replacement

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Maintain the original look, performance, and protection of your ProKennex Pro Flight, Ovation Flight, Pro Speed II, or Ovation Speed II paddle with this convenient bumper-style edge guard replacement kit.

ProKennex Air-O-Guard Bumper System Replacement

The ProKennex Air-O-Guard Edge Guard Replacement Kit can be used to swap out your original edge guard to refresh your paddle's performance and protection. Rather than throwing out the whole paddle, this replacement kit extends the life of your beloved ProKennex paddle with a fresh new edge guard when the original become damaged or broken from extended use. Installation is quick and simple (see step-by-step tutorial on adjacent Videos tab) so you can get back to the court in minutes.

The ProKennex Air-O-Guard Bumper System Replacement is one size fits all. A flat-head screwdriver can be used to pop out the original pins (discard them), while the Air-O-Guard replacement kit comes with six new pins to replace them. The light design ensures that your paddle's weight is barely influenced, yet it will keep the edge itself safe from bumps and scrapes.

The ProKennex Air-O-Guard Edge Guard Replacement System is an affordable and convenient way to defend your paddle from the rigors of play.

Compatible with the following ProKennex paddles: NOTE: Does not fit the Black Ace Pro, Black Ace Ovation, or new 2023 color models. A new version of the Air-O-Guard for these paddles is coming soon!