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Lines and Corners

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Pickleball Lines and Corners

Lines and Corners are useful for setting up mini courts, broad court boundaries and drill markers. They're ideal for trainers on the go or for players who want the ability to quickly set up games or practice lines in a pinch. With a bright orange color, they're noticeable at a glance so that you aren't second-guessing where to hit.

Each Lines and Corners set comes with four corners and eight lines. They use a grip pattern molded on the surface to prevent slipping during use. Made to be durable and dirt resistant, they're thick enough to withstand frequent play without staining. In the case that you do need to clean them, simply wipe them down with a mild soap.

Lines and Corners save time and money by eliminating the need for court tape and having to clean up remnant adhesive afterwards.


Includes 8 lines and 4 corners