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Court Long Lines and Corners

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Set up temporary court lines in a gym or driveway with these vinyl strips. Includes 4 corner pieces and 8 lines. Available in orange.

Court Long Lines and Corners

The Court Long Lines and Corners are the court lining solution that clubs and players have been dreaming of. No longer will players have to spend precious court time trying to mark straight lines with wiggly chalk or worry about court tape leaving residue on newly refurbished court. These removable, dirt-resistant shapes are crafted from a weighted rubber to prevent them from slipping around on slippery gym floors. Measure out the court, slap down the pieces and start to play!

The Court Long Lines and Corners come with eight 24” lines and four 21”x 21” corners. The bottom of the pieces are layered with bumps which grip the court. With these pieces, you can create mini-courts, make targets for drilling, and of course, create a full-sized pickleball court. You may wish to purchase an additional set or another form of line marking such as chalk or tape if you desire your courts to have solid court lines.

The Court Long Lines and Corners are a great choice for players who want to maximize their playing time out in the court.

Available in orange.