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This is the TOP choice for outdoor pickleballs! Made of a super-durable plastic shell that responds well to every swing from a paddle, you can't go wrong with these balls.

TOP-brand Durable Outdoor Balls

The TOP Pickleball is PickleballCentral's house brand pickleball. TOP stands for "The Outdoor Pickleball". This ball has all the qualities you've come to love from other outdoor pickleballs. It's durable, seamless, hard plastic and has 40 holes - some large, some smaller.

Like other outdoor pickleballs, this ball is "rotationally molded" meaning that a single chunk of hot plastic is placed inside a hollow rotating mold under low pressure until it has completely melted into the wall of the mold. Once it's cooled, the mold is separated to release the hollow plastic ball. The next step is to drill out the 40 holes to make a perfect pickleball.

If you cut up the ball, you will find the internal surface is smooth and completely continuous. The advantage of this manufacturing method is that you get consistent and even wall thickness. The ball is also stronger and will last longer than melting two half balls together. These are not your grandparents’ simple whiffle balls! They're designed to be durable for pickleball.

The TOP pickleball meets current USA Pickleball Association's ball specifications.

These pickleballs work great as a baseball batting practice balls and work well in baseball pitching machines or soft-toss drills.

Please note: Larger quantities of balls will be shipped bulk and will not be bagged by the dozen. Cannot combine colors on bulk shipments.

Available in the following colors: neon, yellow, and orange.

Dura Balls and Court Tape
Reviewer: Bert Coates Rincon Country West Pickleball from Tucson, AZ United States
Wow -- you guys & Gals are QUICK. The goods arrived in three days and we are good to go. We have two minds from our players -- some prefer the yellow balls and some the orange. I noticed at a recent tournament when twi-light came -- they switched to WHITE for higher visibility. I wear yellow safety glasses which increases contrast. Works great day or twi-light.

New to the game
Reviewer: Len Paganini from Laguna Woods, CA United States
Purchased the balls so I could practice outdoors. They seem to be a little heavier then what the club uses and they certainly hold up better.

nereat service, great product
Reviewer: John Cook from Palmyra, NY United States
The service was efficient and fast. The new balls are fast and of good quality. We play singles and use outdoor balls for their speed and durability. The new Top balls are even faster than the ones we were using; they had new zip to a couple old slammers game.

Top outdoor pickleballs
Reviewer: Denny Bement from Coatesville, PA United States
We play year round in the NE and these balls hold up better than most against cracking in the cold.

'new' Seamless Pickle Ball
Reviewer: RICK VARLEY from dowell, MD United States
As always the fast service and quality products is the reason myself and our club purchases equipment from Pickle Ball Central. We ordered white in color so we can distinguish the difference in wear and tear...so far everyone like the ball and the white color. Good Stuff

true bounce and durable
Reviewer: Walter Fenn from New Bern, NC United States
The outdoor balls are great. We are playing on a parking lot that is a bit rough. The balls bounce true and it does seem they will stand up to the rough asphalt of the parking lot.

Durable and consistent
Reviewer: Jeff from Bellevue, WA United States
These have turned out to be great balls on multiple outdoor surfaces. They are standing up to some solid abuse and the price was great.

Reviewer: Trudy Black from Solomons, MD United States
PIckleballs are fine. Are light, bounce well.

perfect balls
Reviewer: John Morton from Rehoboth Beach , DE United States
great quality, feels solid coming off the paddle

Top. Ball
Reviewer: i
Plays. Well. Plenty of. Pop good bounce


TOP Outdoor Pickleballs Technical Specifications
Weight: .881 ounces
Diameter: 2.9375 inches
Bounce: (from 75" onto concrete floor): 32 inches
Holes: 40 Holes
Colors: Yellow, Orange, Neon
Manufacturing Technique: Seamless, rotationally molded
Approved: Meets USAPA specifications (yellow, orange, white)
Made in China