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Coach's Clipboard

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Use as a clipboard or draw out drills on the dry erase court diagram. Includes marker with Velcro holder. 9 x 16".

Coach's Clipboard

The Coach's Clipboard is a fantastic teaching tool that offers tons of functionality. It can be used as a standard clipboard to hold sign-up sheets, teaching resources and beyond, but the body shows a picture of a tennis and pickleball court on each side respectively. Use the dry erase marker to draw directly on it to illustrate drills and positioning to students.

The Coach's Clipboard is 9" x 16" with a black marker that attaches via Velcro. It comes in a vibant green, blue and white so that writing shows up clearly. Save time and paper by writing directly on the board and correct mistakes with a simple swipe of the hand. You'll never struggle for the right words trying to explain a technique when you can simply sketch it out.

The Coach's Clipboard keeps you prepared to teach at any moment and adds even more usefulness to a typical clipboard design.


Coach's Clipboard Technical Specifications
9" x 16"
Dry Erase Marker Included