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Pickleball Line Set

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Set up a court in minutes with these easy to use lines. Includes 8 corner pieces and 10 lines. Includes handy carrying case for transport and storage.

Pickleball Line Set

The Pickleball Line Set can instantly transform any flat, hard surface into a pickleball court. These accessories can be transported anywhere and placed to set up the boundaries of a standard court. They are made from a non-slip rubber/plastic blend that won't trip players or move in the midst of the action. Enjoy a quick setup with durable construction.

The Pickleball Line Set consists of eight corners and ten, 5-ft bevel lines. They come in a convenient circular carrying case with a zipper and handles. The lines work best on a clean and smooth surface. They can be cleaned as needed and if they do not lie flat at first, simply submerge them in warm water or use a hair dryer for a few moments and their shape will relax.

The Pickleball Line Set is perfect for impromptu games and when you want to introduce someone to the sport but don't have the time or opportunity for taping.

Please note that a center line is not included in this set. However, laying out your Pickleball Line Set atop a pre-striped tennis court allows for sharing of the center line, as pictured above.

Returns: There is a 10% restocking fee on this product.


10 Long Lines (5 feet long)
8 Corners
Carrying Case