Diadem Icon V2 Paddle Edge Guard Kit

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Stylish and functional edge guards designed to keep your Icon V2 Paddle protected and to encourage self-expression.

Diadem Icon V2 Edge Guard Kit

The Diadem Icon V2 Edge Guard Kit consists of 3 rubber strips and 16 pins that hold them in place. These three rubber strips are all the same length to make adding them to your Diadem Icon V2 a breeze. These identical strips also allow you to rotate them through harder wear zones to keep your paddle protected.

The soft rubber construction of the Icon V2 Edge Guard Kit from Diadem Pickleball takes impacts with the ground in stride to keep your paddle in pristine condition so that you can play to your highest potential. Also included in this kit is a metal tool that lets you swap out your edge guards between games without missing a beat.


Diadem Icon V2 Edge Guard Kit Technical Specifications
Rubber Construction
Interchangeable Design
Designed for the Diadem Icon V2