GAMMA Lead Tape

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GAMMA Lead Tape

The GAMMA Lead Tape is a simple and unobtrusive way to increase your paddle's weight and power. If you've found the perfect piece of equipment but want to customize how hard it hits, this tape will allow you to give it more pop in every swing. We recommend attaching it around the sides of your paddle's edge guard to evenly distribute the weight.

You get 72" of the GAMMA Lead Tape in this package. It measures 1/4" wide and each inch weighs approximately .25 grams. A typical paddle measures around 8" wide, so running a strip of this tape from below the curve on each side around the face's top would add around 12" of lead (0.10 oz of weight). If you ran the lead from the bottom curves of the paddle over the top it would add 24” of lead, or almost 0.21 oz. You can also cut the tape into smaller pieces so that you can add less weight if needed.

The GAMMA Lead Tape can take a paddle to great from perfect so that it complements your play style and needs.