ProKennex Training Tape

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ProKennex Training Tape

The Training Tape from ProKennex is made to protect your equipment from wear and tear during play. While you should have received some with your initial purchase of a paddle, if you ever need to replace tape that's been worn down, you can swap it out with this product. It's ideal for defending the smooth sides of all current ProKennex pickleball paddles from damage that can occur from court contact during practice.

The ProKennex Training Tape won't weigh you down and can be easily applied along the edges of your paddle. You simply center the tape on the sides and smooth the excess tape onto the paddle's front and back. Training Tape is all you need to keep your paddle edges looking and playing their best during every game.

This training tape includes two pieces of tape in each package and will work for ALL current ProKennex pickleball paddle models


Measures 6 x1"

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