Outdoor Pickleball Ball Guide

by Patrick Moore on Jul 20, 2023

Outdoor Pickleball Ball Guide

What Pickleball is Best for You?

With so many pickleballs on the market, it can be a challenge to pick the right one for your game. This blog is intended as a simple guide to help get you started. When looking for pickleballs you first need to decide whether you will be spending the majority of your time playing indoors or outdoors, as the balls have different attributes.

Due to the time of year this will be a guide on outdoor balls for players who are taking advantage of courts in local parks or at your local pickleball club. Whether you play primarily on an asphalt court, painted concrete court, or a hard-court tennis court, outdoor balls will work for you.

Looking for an indoor ball? Check out our quick guide  HERE.

The next thing to consider is whether you are playing competitively or recreationally. Competitive balls offer a faster and more precise feel but are more prone to breaking. Recreational balls play a little slower and bounce a little higher but offer impressive longevity and durability.

Best Competitive Outdoor Pickleballs

Competitive balls perform at a high level so that you can too. They are generally harder so that they can play at the speed of the modern game. This harder texture also allows you to impart more spin on the ball so that you can hit professional level cut shots and spinning serves with confidence.

Our favorite competitive balls are:

Best Recreational Outdoor Pickleballs

If you are not looking for a performance ball, try a recreational pickleball. These bounce a little higher, so players have more time to set themselves up for shots. Due to this softer construction they tend to be the most durable, which encourages daily play. Many of these balls are still USA Pickleball approved for tournament play, and all of them can be used for a great game of pickleball.

Our favorite recreational balls are:

Pickleball Sampler Pack

Whether you are a seasoned pickleball player or someone newer to the game we have a ball that you will love. If you aren’t sure where to start check out our Outdoor Pickleball Sampler 12-Pack.

The  Outdoor Pickleball Sampler 12-Pack consists of:

  • 2 Dura Fast 40 - Neon
  • 2 Franklin X-40 - Optic
  • 2 CORE Outdoor - Neon Green
  • 2 Engage Tour Neon
  • 2 Selkirk SLK Competition - Neon
  • 2 HEAD Pro Penn 40 - Optic Yellow

This mix of competitive outdoor balls will give you a good feel for what is available and help you pick what ball works best for you. Let us know which ball is your ball of choice! 

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