Indoor Pickleball Ball Guide

by John Cowley on Jul 21, 2023

Indoor Pickleball Ball Guide

Balls for Indoor Pickleball Courts

As the weather turns, pickleball players have a couple of choices – either migrate to a warmer climate to keep playing outdoors or move to indoor courts. And that affects your choice of pickleball. The most important thing to remember about choosing and indoor ball is to consider the surface on which you will play. It is what is under your feet and not what is over your head.

Indoor Hardcourt

If your indoor courts have a hard court (tennis style) surface, continue to play with your preferred Outdoor Pickleball. If the temperature gets 65 degrees or less you may want to consider using a softer Outdoor Pickleball like:

Other Indoor Courts

If your indoor courts are hardwood, cement, padded or even carpet you will want to move to an Indoor Pickleball. These balls have fewer holes (usually 26) and are made of softer materials. All Indoor Pickleballs on the market today are two-piece construction and are designed to bounce higher and skip less than Outdoor Pickleballs. These play characteristics make for a more enjoyable experience on the smoother indoor surfaces.

Approved Indoor Pickleballs

These pickleballs meet the USAP Specs for balls and can be used for tournaments or recreational play.

Non-approved Indoor Pickleballs

These balls offer unique play opportunities and great pricing for recreational play.

If you find that these balls aren't bouncing high enough or skipping too much and you still need to scratch your pickleball itch, you may consider Foam Pickleballs. 

Foam Pickleballs

These are quiet and bouncy balls that are all about the fun.

So, no matter what surface you play there is always a choice of balls to fit your environment and your style of play! Let us know which ball you prefer when playing indoors. 

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