Pro Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs

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Long-lasting, consistent ball designed for day after day of outdoor play. This ball boasts the visibility and durability you need. Available in 3,6,12, and 100 counts.

Pro Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball

Everyone has heard the old adage “practice like you play” and the HEAD Pro Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball allows you to do just that. This ball boasts impressive durability for outdoor play, allowing you to trust it from midweek practice sessions to heated tournament matches on the weekend. The bold colors of this ball allow you to pick it out against less-than-ideal backdrops, while the 40-hole design effortlessly cuts through surprise wind gusts that would otherwise affect play.

Whether you are returning your friend's serve of the HEAD Pro Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball or overhead slamming it to win a tournament, you can trust the durable construction, optimal speed, and supreme consistency of this USAPA approved pickleball.


Pro Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs Technical Specifications
Weight: 26.2 grams
Diameter: 73.5 millimeters
Bounce (from 75 inches, concrete floor): 32 inches
Holes: 40
Color: Optic Yellow
Construction: Two-Piece Injection Molded
Approved: Meets USA Pickleball specifications
Made in China

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