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Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs

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A great pickleball for recreational play and those that prefer a softer playing ball. Available in 3, 6, 12 or 100 count.

Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball

The Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball brings players a softer, more forgiving ball without a reduction in durability. It has a significant amount of bounce that's still acceptable for USAPA-approved tournament play. In addition, it has a high level of visibility thanks to its bright color and design that resists picking up dirt from outdoor courts. It's a great option for recreational players, instructors and tournaments that would prefer a gentler ball.

The Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball is longer lasting than most other options, making it a wise choice for players who want to get the most use out of their investment. It's easy to see in all lighting conditions so that picklers can keep their eyes on the action without any strain. The bouncy, slightly slower style of play is ideal when teaching newbies, drilling or when you want a more relaxed match.

The Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball provides high bounce and excellent longevity for those who want to ensure reliability and fun in their games.

Test Reviews of the Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball:

"Our club recently tested the new Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball. We thought the ball was a nice combination of the Dura 40 and the Onix Fusion. One of the nice things about the Penn Ball is that it stayed in round and we have yet to have a ball crack. The latter detail is important because there have been years where our club has gone through about 600 balls during the course of the outdoor season. The ball has high visibility and no one in our group gave it a negative review. It's nice to see the quality of pickleballs finally improve. It's been very frustrating to spend so much money on balls. The Penn 40 Ball is made with a high standard of quality and we readily recommend it to other pickleball groups. It's been a pleasant surprise."
Jack H. in Springfield, IL

"The Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs seemed a little heavier than those we normally use and were very sturdy–it took a while to get a little 'roughness' on them. The yellow color was definitely brighter and easier to see than our other balls. It is brutally hot here now; we don't know if the heat had any affect on them, but they seemed to hold up great. I really enjoyed playing with these pickleballs. I found that hitting them felt good and they had an extra pop to them, meaning they were responsive and accurate. I would definitely recommend them to other players."
Laurie S. in Death Valley, CA


Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleball Technical Specifications
Diameter: 2.904"
40 holes
USAPA Approved
Made in Taiwan

Reviews (122)

  • Penn 40 Pickleball

    Dec 28, 2022

    Great ball for outside use. Newcomers adapt to it very easily. They seem to last much longer than the Franklin balls

    Michael Medress

  • Penn 40 Pickleball

    Dec 28, 2022

    Great ball for outside use. Newcomers adapt to it very easily. They seem to last much longer than the Franklin balls

    Michael Medress

  • As a beginner of PB

    Aug 18, 2022

    Balls are light and bouncing well


  • Pickleball Product Review

    Aug 3, 2022

    Aug 3, 2022

  • Great Alternative

    Jul 20, 2022

    If your game relies less on touch, or your touch is on the heavy side, these are the balls for you. Also, great for playing in windy conditions.

    Esteban Ferrer

  • Seems good

    Jul 9, 2022

    These will work

    Brittany Iwaasa

  • Love it!

    Jun 16, 2022

    Excellent service, quick shipping

    An Van

  • Great price

    May 5, 2022

    Good product, great price, fast service.


  • Balls

    May 2, 2022

    Good quality

    Denise Schroeder

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Apr 28, 2022

    Andrew Balliet