SR40 Outdoor Pickleballs

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A highly durable one-piece pickleball that resists cracking, plays well in all conditions, and is great for tournament prep. Visible neon color makes it easy to track against any background.

SR40 Outdoor Pickleball

The SR40 Outdoor Pickleball has a durable design that will last through regular practices and drills. Although it is not yet USA Pickleball approved, it has a similar composition to premium tournament pickleballs and plays with a quick and punchy response. It is an ideal choice for players who want to prepare for competitions without spending extra money on more expensive options. Comparable to popular tournament pickleballs in feel and performance, the SR40 has a reliable flight path and moderate but consistent bounce; it is perfect for honing your skills and works well in pickleball training machines.

The SR40 Outdoor Pickleball is a rotationally molded one-piece ball, and has small holes that allow for free movement while resisting wind interference. The bright neon colors are eye catching and allow the SR40 to be spotted easily in the air, against the court surface, and against all backgrounds. While it is best to store them in a controlled environment, these pickleballs resist cracking in both warm and cold weather thanks to their durable material and construction.

The SR40 Outdoor Ball is tough and dependable so that you can use it confidently for frequent play.


SR40 Outdoor Pickleballs technical Specifications
Diameter: 2.88 inches
Rebound: 32 inches (from 75" drop)
Holes: 40 holes
Colors: Neon Green
Construction: One-piece roto-molded
Made in China