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Weighted to withstand wind and drilled with 40 holes, this pickleball is highly consistent and resists wear. USA Pickleball approved.

CORE Outdoor Pickleball

The CORE Outdoor Pickleball is a dependable and long-lasting option that will endure frequent use in any weather. Designed with a wind-resistent 40 hole pattern, these pickleballs play with consistency so you'll feel certain your shots will travel where you aim them. They also have a reliable bounce height so players can determine their trajectory and trust they'll rebound as expected.

These CORE Neon Green Outdoor Pickleballs fly true through the air and even resists wind interference thanks to their every-so-slightly above average weight (while remaining within USA Pickleball specifications). They resist cracking due to their single piece construction, and are offered in a striking, high visibility neon so they're easy to see no matter what color of court you are using. These pickleballs are USA Pickleball approved for tournament play, so they can be counted upon in any competitive setting in addition to being love by recreational players for their durability.

Out internal test team feels that these balls work great for high-performance and tournament level play. They are a 'one-piece' rotational molded ball. That means that they are seamless in construction. You will see a light 'parting line' on the ball, but if you look inside, you wont' see a seam, only the smooth one-piece construction. From a playability perspective, our testers felt like these were a very lively, fun, and fast playing ball, definitely classifying it as a 'Pro Tournament' style ball.. What stood out the most to our team was its durability. The Core Outdoor Pickleballs are amongst the more durable balls we've ever tested in our lab.

The CORE Outdoor Pickleball can withstand repeated intense play at the highest level. The perfect ball (as the folks at CORE like to say) for those who just want "one more game!"

Reviews of the CORE Ball by Pickleball Central Staff:

"If you like playing with a tournament style ball and you want it to last, the Core Pickleball is for you. This outdoor pickleball is a one-piece ball (rotationally molded for all the Ball Geeks out there) which comes in a bright neon green. Beyond being easy to see, it plays very similarly to other tournament-grade balls. I don’t feel it plays quite as fast as a Dura, but its definitely inline with the other balls in this class. And the durability exceeds other pro balls I have played. All in all, it makes the CORE Pickleball a great value."
John, Sales Team (4.0 Player)

"I really enjoyed testing the new Core Outdoor Pickleball. This new entrant in the high-performance/tournament ball market comes out of the gate as a legitimate rival to existing tournament balls in speed, bounce consistency and durability. The testing in the lab and out on the courts showed excellent durability and consistency of play over the life of the ball. The play characteristics fall right in a sweet spot that many advanced players will enjoy. Players who enjoy a harder and fast playing pickleball with high visibility may find a welcome new addition to their pickleball bag. Our lab tests showed the ball to be exceptionally stable, with little decay in the bounce height over the life of the ball, and the durability results were some of the best we've ever seen in a tournament caliber ball."
Jimmy, Product Marketing (3.5 Player)

Cold Weather Review of the Core Outdoor Pickleball by Seattle Pickleball Club members

When some of our 4.0-4.5 Seattle Pickleball group showed up with CORE pickleballs this winter during our outdoor play sessions in 30-40 degree temperatures, they quickly became a fast favorite among the majority of players for their playability, durability and visibility. They play light and fast like other roto-molded one-piece balls we normally use (like Dura & TOP) with good speed and predictable flight. When compared to the Franklin X-40, they feel slightly lighter, but play very comparably at cold temperatures. The biggest surprise was the durability. We were quite amazed by how long they last; especially in the colder winter weather. The CORE balls held up much longer than any other high-end tournament style ball we've ever used. We were getting days of use without cracking or losing their shape. Another added benefit is their highly visible color. We often play at dusk or at night under dim lights, and the CORE ball is the easiest for players to see especially in poor lighting conditions. Our group has been eager to stock up on CORE balls for our club since they play and last so well and that makes them so much less expensive to use in our higher-level club play.
Karen, 4.0 Player

Warm Weather Review of the Core Outdoor Pickleballs by Holua Pickleball Club (Kona, Hawaii)

We started testing the new CORE Outdoor Pickleball in February of this year. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a few, and introduced them into our intermediate (3.5 – 4.0) & advanced club play (4.0+ players) at the Holua Racquet and Paddle Center here in Kona, HI. The higher end players typically play with the Dura, and the intermediate players have been split between Dura and the Franklin X-40. The overall reaction from players was fantastic. At slower speeds (eg dinks, drops, and soft lobs) the ball plays fast and light like a Dura. When the game speeds up on serves, returns, drives, and fast volleys, the ball plays slightly faster than a Franklin, and slightly slower than a Dura. What we love about the ball are four things. First, it is the most durable high-performance ball we've ever tested. We literally had over 15 hours of play on our test balls without cracking. This is going to reduce our cost as a facility in providing balls for our players. Second, the ball plays fantastic at warmer temperatures. It doesn’t seem to soften up as much as the Franklin does at higher temps. For players who want a fast playing ball, the Core was very well received by all our 4.0+ players. Thirdly, the color is nice and bright, making it very easy to see. Some of our older members commented on how easy the ball is to see in the bright daytime light. Finally the balls played great. Fast enough for spirited 5.0 level play, and none of the test balls wobbled or went out of round. Not a single player in the 20+ player test group had anything negative to say about the ball, and all of the players said they would be happy to use the CORE as the new standard ball here at the facility. We have been seeking a reliable, durable high-performance ball that plays fast in our 80 - 85+ degree temperatures, and are glad we tested the Core ball here.
Richard, 5.0 Player & Head Pro Holua Racquet & Paddle Center


CORE Outdoor Pickleballs Technical Specifications
Weight: .86 ounces
Diameter: 2.913 inches
Rebound: 31.73 inches (from 75" drop)
Holes: 40 holes
Colors: Neon Green
One-piece roto-molded construction
Approved: Meets USA Pickleball specifications