Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleballs - Yellow

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Engage has designed an outdoor pickleball creating a new standard in the sport. It is quiet, has minimal vibration and stands up well to colder temperatures.

Engage Tour Yellow Outdoor Pickleball

The Engage Tour Outdoor Yellow Pickleball has a soft feel for an outdoor ball but plenty of durability. Unlike most of its competition, it performs very well at low temperatures and resists cracking in the cold. It plays quiet and produces little vibration on contact with paddles. It has a consistent bounce and offers a nice sense of control due to its gentle feel and reliability.

The Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleball has a deep yellow color for high visibility which contrasts with a wide variety of backgrounds and courts. Although it's classified as an outdoor ball, it can be used indoors if desired. The ball has an average bounce height of 32-1/2" and has 40 evenly measured holes that allow it to fly effortlessly through the air.

The Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleball is appreciated by players of all skill levels thanks to its versatility and controlled, soft feel.

Reviews of the Tour Outdoor Pickleball by the pros:

"We've been using the Engage Tour ball for outdoor play this winter in Seattle. Even at temperatures below 40 degrees F, the ball lasts well over 10 games with hard hitting players. It lasts even longer with softer hitting players like me!

The Tour ball at 40F plays like the Dura at 70F. The Engage Tour ball is a huge reason we have been able to play at near freezing temperatures throughout the winter here. As it is softer than the Dura, rallies are reasonably long even at the very cold temperatures.

With COVID forcing us to play outdoors through the winter, we're thankful for a ball that allows us to play at near freezing temperatures in Washington State."

Glen Peterson, 10 Time Senior Pro Gold Medalist at US OPEN, Nationals, and Tournament of Champions


Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleballs Technical Specifications
Weight: .86 ounces
Diameter: 2.92 inches
Bounce: (from 75" onto concrete floor): 32.5 inches
Holes: 40 Holes
Colors: Yellow
Approved: Meets USAPA specifications