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Pickleball Sets and Bundles

Money Saving Pickleball Sets & Bundles

The greatest thing about pickleball is the people. Whether they’re playing a game, waiting for a turn to rotate in or watching, pickleball people are the best. Our sets and bundles invite you to grow that community. Whether it’s one extra wood paddle or a complete set with portable net and four top-of-the-line paddles, these sets help you share pickleball with others and have a really great time playing with a group. Most of these pickleball paddle sets include a portable net system, paddles, balls, a rule book and carrying bags.

How to Pick the Perfect Pickleball Set

When you’re hooked on pickleball it’s natural to spring for your own equipment. But with so many different paddle, ball and net options, where do you even start? We recommend taking a look at our money-saving pickleball sets to get the best gear at a great price. Whether you’re a solo player or representative for a local community or rec center, we have the right equipment for your needs. You can take a more in-depth look at the great features our sets and bundles include by reading below or browsing the product categories:

Pickleball Bundles vs Sets

The main difference between a set and bundle is that a set comes with everything you need to play pickleball on your own: a net, paddles, balls and often court tape and a rule book. Bundles are for those who already have a place to play and come with paddles and balls, sometimes with a duffel or other carrying case. Most of our sets come with our top quality Rally Net, which is the only net system that comes with a ball holder. And speaking of balls, the sampler sets included are ideal for trying out the different types of pickleballs available to get a sense of how they play.

Paddles are arguably the most important part of our bundles and sets. Some contain wood paddles, which are a solid entry point if you’re on a budget. Wood paddles are durable, inexpensive and provide hours of fun. The other types of paddles we offer use graphite or composite materials, which are ideal for players eager to take their game to the next level. Here are some of the reasons we think the paddles in our sets and bundles are ideal for newbies and advanced players alike.

Our Pickleball Paddle Sets Feature Wide Paddle Faces

After being in the pickleball business for years, we have a good idea of which paddles people enjoy playing with. All of the paddles in our sets are some of our top sellers thanks to their comfortable and reliable designs. These paddles are also well-loved because they have dimensions that make the game easier for newbies.

We would say a wide face is generally around 8”, and all of the paddles we offer are close to that size or larger (with the exception of our wood Rally Meisters). A wider paddle is useful to beginners because it gives you a broader hitting surface, ensuring you have the highest possibility of hitting the ball even when your strokes aren’t perfectly aligned. They also have bigger “sweet spots” which help ensure you can consistently hit the ball in the center of the paddle for lots of pop.

Our Sets Have Paddles with Balanced Handles

These paddles mostly offer a medium-sized handle that generally works well for both men and women. Our Tyro 2 Set has paddles with small handles, which are perfect for people with petite hands or children. If you like a particular paddle but would prefer a larger, cushier grip, then it's a simple matter to put an additional overgrip on your handle.

Our Sets Include Paddles with Beginner-Friendly Core Material

The popularity of the paddles in these sets are enduring because they can “grow” with the player. People often mistakenly think that beginner-friendly pickleball paddles are not suitable for advanced players. That truth is, just because a certain paddle works well for newbies doesn’t mean an advanced player won’t appreciate the same features. Both the graphite and composite paddles available in our sets use Nomex cores. Nomex is a fiber honeycomb paper injected with resin and was used in the first modern pickleball paddles.

Both lightweight and durable, it provides outstanding control and touch. Watch this 50 second rally between the four finalists in the 2014 Men’s Open National finals. The two National Champions, Enrique Ruiz and Wes Gabrielsen, are using Pro-Lite paddles with Nomex cores while Brian Staub and Chris Miller are using aluminum core Champion paddles. The best players in the world exercise both control and power with Nomex core paddles:

We Make Sure Our Sets Have Paddles with Edge Guards

An edge guard is a very common (and appreciated) feature on most paddles, but we believe they’re extra important for beginners. The reason is because, let’s face it, newbies aren’t always the most coordinated! If you accidentally toss, drop or hit your paddle against the floor, it can get beat up and affect the structure of the paddle. With an edge guard you don’t have to worry about this since it protects the paddle from damage and provides a “frame” to support the construction.

We hope this intro to our pickleball bundles and sets gave you get a good idea of the great quality we offer at PickleballCentral and provides you with enough information to get started enjoying the game.

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