Rally Tyro 2 Bundle - two paddles/four balls

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This bundle is a great alternative to heavy wood paddles. Includes two lightweight composite paddles and four pickleballs.

Lightweight/Small Grip

Rally Tyro 2 Bundle

The Rally Tyro 2 Bundle is a great economical choice for players new to pickleball but wanting outstanding equipment. This bundle provides two Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddles and four pickleballs.

Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddles are comfortable and light weight, weighing from 7.0 – 7.5 ounces. This keeps players lightning-quick at the net, but the shock absorbent polymer core will ensure you have plenty of control. The Tyro 2’s small grip circumference allows it to fit in almost any player’s hands, while the face is a standard-sized 7-7/8” wide.

The Rally Tyro 2 Bundle is a top quality choice for the eager yet thrifty beginner!


Rally Tyro 2 Technical Specifications
Weight Average: 7.3 ounces
Weight Range: 7.0 - 7.5 ounces
Grip Circumference: 3 7/8" (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Grip Tack: medium
Grip Style: flat
Grip Length: 5"
Paddle Length: 15-3/4”
Paddle Width: 7-7/8”
Paddle Face: Polymer/fiberglass composite
Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
Edge Guard: 1/8" overlapping paddle face
Made in China

2 Rally Tyro Paddles
4 Pickleballs

Reviews (78)

  • Great bundle

    Nov 10, 2022

    Got this as a starter kit for my partner and I. The paddles feel well balanced, durable, and look great. Having the balls come with it was just a nice bonus.

    Mike W

  • Pickleball Product Review

    May 30, 2022

    Mike Patton

  • Tyro 2 for bwginners

    Apr 28, 2022

    This a great beginners paddle THe two paddles/4 balls deal is perfect for couples starting the game without a hugh financial layout.

    Apr 28, 2022

  • They're fine.

    Nov 21, 2021

    Frankly, I wouldn't know the difference. These seem like a perfectly fine product.

    D. Petrich

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Oct 12, 2021

    Excellent response time

    Angela Callery

  • Very pleased with starter set

    Sep 22, 2021

    I am new to pickleball and this set was exactly what I need to learn the game. The racket handles are well sized for small hands. Shipping was fast and the set was on sale! Will come back for more when my skills improve.


  • Good quality set

    Sep 3, 2021

    Seems like a good quality set


  • Paddle

    Sep 1, 2021

    New player, not sure how to compare

    Patricia Sells

  • Perfect for beginners

    Aug 23, 2021

    Thanks to Pickleball Central reviewing the Rally Tyro 2 for beginners, I'm happy with my choice that the review made simpler.

    Aug 23, 2021

  • Perfect for beginners

    Jun 29, 2021

    This was a great deal for a pair of beginners wanting to learn and get some exercise in! The product was shipped quickly and is what's expected. We're happy with the product!

    Jun 29, 2021