Kanga Set - four wood paddles/net system/balls

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A great beginner set, everything you need to play anywhere there's a hard playing surface.

Heavy to Superheavyweight/Medium Grip

Kanga Pickleball Set with Portable Net

The Kanga Set is ideal for a family, community or team of eager athletes who can’t wait to bound onto a pickleball court! The price is right and these bright and durable paddles are sure to please. Soon you’ll find yourself bouncing up at the net in an attempt to win the point, just like the cuddly kangaroo mascot.

The Kanga Set comes with 4 Kanga Wood Paddles, 4 pickleballs and a Portable Net System. The Kanga Paddles are pleasantly lightweight for wood paddles, and come with a comfortable plush grip that will fit nicely against your hand. The Classic PickleNet Portable Net System comes with long, sturdy base feet and quality powder-coated steel tubing.

The Kanga Set was made to offer attractive and engaging equipment to beginners playing pickleball, in addition to a top quality net they can continue to use years down the line.

The Classic PickleNet Portable Net System included in the Kanga Pickleball Set is a high-quality net system. The top of the net stays taut thanks to velcro fasteners, and the net stands solid on a power-coated steel frame and strong legs. It also comes with it's own perfectly sized carrying bag.

Please note: There is a 10% restocking fee on all returned sets that include net systems.


Kanga Pickleball Set Technical Specifications
4-Kanga Wood paddles
1-Portable Net System

Reviews (24)

  • PIckle ball Set

    Mar 15, 2022

    I got my set out Sunday afternoon and although I don't know the rules and how to play yet, we had a fabulous family day with everyone hitting (Or trying to hit) the ball to each other. What a great set, it's sturdy, and well worth every penny.


  • Net, paddles

    Feb 1, 2022

    I purchased this set for my twin grandkids…so they could learn and play pickleball when we visit them. Great starter set for the family.

    Jim Rink

  • fast delivery. Good quality product

    Nov 8, 2021

    Diana Harris

  • Starter

    Oct 1, 2021

    Great starter set!!! Thanks

    Jon Kawachika

  • Love this starter set!

    Jun 7, 2021

    All arrived and is an easy set up and great fun. Highly recommend!

    Patti Urbina

  • Great deal!

    Jan 8, 2021

    I haven’t been able to play with this set yet. I did set it up in my hallway because I wanted to see it set up. I intend to use it in my driveway when it’s warm enough. It looks great! Easy set up, I did it myself. Easy take down! Did it myself. Lol. Great price for a great product. The paddles will be great to teach the grandkids so they don’t bang up my good paddles. Lol

    Karen Garbe

  • Everything was delivered as promised

    Jan 6, 2021

    The nets is sturdy and well made. Many of the other net options I looked at seemed to have droopy nets. I wish that the paddles were a little larger, but for the price I paid, the set was a great deal!

    Jan 6, 2021

  • Great Pickleball set for the money!

    Jan 4, 2021

    Easy to follow instructions. Great kit with all of the parts necessary to have a great time. Great quality. It all fits into the bag.


  • Pickleball set

    Jan 3, 2021

    Good quality, easy setup. everything I expected.

    Patrick Brady

  • Great set

    Jan 2, 2021

    Nice net, quick and easy setup.

    Michael B