Rally Meister Bundle - two wood paddles/four balls

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This is a great option for those just starting with this sport. Two great wood paddles and four pickleballs.

Heavy-Super Heavyweight/Medium Grip

Rally Meister Bundle

The Rally Meister Bundle is the perfect product for those who are just introducing pickleball to a community, group or school. This bundle comes with our best-selling wood paddles, the Rally Meister Wood Paddles, along with four indoor pickleballs. This product truly is the ideal option for people who want to begin the pickleball craze without spending a huge chunk of money on expensive graphite or composite paddles.

The Rally Meister Wood Paddles are very similar in shape and size to their more costly counterparts which will give new players a taste of what playing with a higher-quality paddle will be like. It is also the lightest wood paddle weighing only 9.0 to 10.6 ounces, versus other wooden paddles which are over 12 ounces. The grip circumference is a medium-size, which is the perfect size for a large number of players. This paddle also has fabulous dimensions, measuring 15-1/4” from top to bottom, with a 7” wide face. The handle on this paddle is 5-1/4” long which provides players with lots of reach.

Once someone stumbles upon the Rally Meister Bundle, there’s no reason to look any further!

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

2 wood paddles/4 balls
Reviewer: Diana Balkman
Excellent service and product was great for kids.

Easy and Fast
Reviewer: Micheline Woolfolk from Haymarket, VA United States
Wide range of prices so I could go with two beginner packages, processed fast, shipped fast, and now we are playing with them at work in the office and planning to hit up the tennis courts soon! Thanks!

Wood paddles
Reviewer: Pamela Hefner from Huntington, IN United States
I purchased these paddles so my grandkids and friends could play a game. Paddles arrived on time and in good condition. I am happy with the purchase and glad you offer these paddles at an affordable price for the beginners.


Rally Meister Bundle Technical Specifications
Weight Range: 9 – 10.6 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Grip Style: Perforated, ribbed cushion grip
Grip Length: 5.25"
Paddle Length: 15 ½”
Paddle Width: 7”
Paddle Face Finish: Screen print over satin varnish
Wrist strap: Yes
Manufacturer: PickleballCentral

Reviews (87)

  • Great for learning and for the kids

    Jul 15, 2022

    Good quality set to play with the kids, and introduce friends to the game!


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    GREAT quality and super service

    Nancy Larkin

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  • A bit heavy but otherwise good.

    Jan 3, 2021

    These paddles are heavier than others I have used but they do the job. A wooden paddle I bought as part of set at a sporting goods store broken in two the first time I used it.

    Jan 3, 2021

  • Rally a sister Bundle

    Jan 2, 2021

    I was pleased with the quality of the equipment!

    Jan 2, 2021

  • Great

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    Easy site to navigate, lots of choices and quick shipping! Made for a great Xmas gift

    Vincent Esposito

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  • Fast and Friendly

    Apr 14, 2020

    The order arrived very quickly and my favorite part was a personal 'thank you' note for my business. Small thing, big impact.