Outdoor Pickleball Sampler - 12-pack

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Try out several brands of outdoor pickleballs to see which you enjoy the most. Includes DURA, Franklin, CORE, Engage, GAMMA, and HEAD.

One Dozen Outdoor Pickleball Sample Pack

The Outdoor Pickleball Sampler Pack provides an easy way to test a variety of pickleballs so you can choose your favorite, or you enjoy having several different brands on hand depending on your needs (let's face it, some players can be picky!). All of the pickleballs are long-lasting, fly and bounce predictably, and wear consistently.

Every ball in this Sampler Pack meets USA Pickleball requirements, so all of them may be used recreationally or in competitive tournament play. This is important because different brands of ball play differently in warmer or colder conditions, are of one-piece or two-piece construction, and may fail (crack) after varying lengths of playtime. So, test them and see for yourself which is best for your personal playing conditions before investing in dozens more. The colors of the pickleballs in this mixed bag range from true yellow to a neon green, which are the most popular colors and provide great visibility even in evening light.

The Outdoor Pickleball Sampler Pack includes the following balls:

  • 2 - Dura Fast 40 Outdoor Pickleballs in Neon Green
  • 2 - Franklin X-40 Outdoor Pickleballs in "Optic"
  • 2 - CORE Outdoor Pickleballs in Neon Green
  • 2 - Engage Tour Outdoor Pickleballs in Yellow
  • 2 - GAMMA Photon Outdoor Pickleballs in Yellow
  • 2 - HEAD Pro Penn 40 Outdoor Pickleballs in Optic Yellow
The 1 dozen Outdoor Pickleball Sampler Pack is a super value and ideal for testing out high quality pickleballs from many of the best brands.