TOP (The Outdoor Pickleball) Sampler Pack

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Keep a variety of outdoor pickleball colors on hand for playing in any situation. Includes a variety of the following colors: neon, orange and yellow.

TOP Outdoor Sampler Pack

The TOP (The Outdoor Pickleball) Sampler Pack introduces you to all four colors of the TOP Outdoor Pickleball. Different colors show up better at different playing venues, so here’s your chance to figure out what color works best where you play. Choose from a 6 pack with 2 of each color or a dozen with 4 of each color. (Neon, Yellow and Orange)

The TOP Outdoor Pickleball is a highly popular ball and is favored by a large majority of players. Identical to the ever-popular Dura Outdoor Pickleball, the TOP is a great choice of outdoor ball. Made of a hard-skinned plastic with small holes, this seamless ball never fails to impress.

The TOP Outdoor Pickleball Sampler Pack is the perfect way to get a variety of colors of a great outdoor pickleball.


TOP (The Outdoor Pickleball) Sampler Pack Technical Specifications
Weight: approximately 26 grams
40 holes (Note: These balls have 16 holes that are 0.335" dia. and 24 holes that are 0.270" dia.)
Diameter: 2 15/16"
Bounce (from 75 inches on concrete floor): 32 inches