Gearbox CX14H Pickleball Paddle

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Broad sweet spot, long'ish handle, and thick 14mm core contribute to a stable and controlled paddle, while hand-laid graphite core results in durable construction.

Midweight/Small Grip

Gearbox CX14H Hyper Pickleball Paddle

Gearbox's new CX14 line is the first to feature their SST core technology in a thick-core profile. This means the CX14H Hyper Pickleball Paddle not only retains the generous proportions and sweet spot of previous models, but layers on an added measure of control thanks to the 14mm (0.55") thick core. "SST" stands for Solid Span Technology, which is Gearbox's patented approach to paddle core design which arranges graphite chambers in a precise manner to create excellent ball response, while virtually eliminated the issue of delamination and dead spots somewhat common to other paddles.

The Gearbox CX14H Hyper Shape Pickleball Paddle is offered in an 8.0 oz. weight which provides a balance of power and speed. Despite the design's thicker profile, it does not feel weighted down or difficult to maneuver thanks to its perfect weight distribution. The 5-5/8" handle length even provides enough space for double-handed strikes so you can change up your play and throw in some unexpected power shots. The grip circumference comes in either a 3-5/8" or 3-15/16" size.

The CX14H Hyper Pickleball Paddle by Gearbox is an adaptable choice which will impress you with its durability and playability, in a seriously attractive package.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

Gearbox paddles are excluded from our 30 day Paddle Test Drive.


Gearbox CX14H Hyper Pickleball Paddle Technical Specifications
Weight Average: 8.0 ounces
Weight Range: 7.8 - 8.2 ounces
Grip Circumference: 3 5/8" (small) or 3 15/16" (small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: Gearbox Smooth Wrap
Handle Length: 5 5/8"
Paddle Length: 15 7/8"
Paddle Width: 8"
Paddle Face: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber
Core Thickness: 14mm (0.55")
Core Material: T-700 Carbon Fiber
Edge Guard: Edgeless
Manufacturer: Gearbox Pickleball
Made in China

Reviews (16)

  • Different

    Sep 14, 2023

    I had the model 11 same brand and I love it .. but can’t say the same about this model. Also grip is bigger than what I expected


  • Gearbox paddle cx14

    May 23, 2023

    Love this paddle. It’s going to be my go to paddle for outdoor play.

    Rick Baker

  • Paddle review

    Apr 14, 2023

    Now my go to paddle will continue to use from here on out. Put plainly I am very pleased.


  • gearbox cx14 h

    Apr 11, 2023

    I would not recommend this paddle. Severly lacks the ability to add power. However the gearbox cx14 E ( elongated handle ) is the best paddle I have had for awhile ( beats out: joola, Gamma- Riley Newman ), paddle tech. The extended can be powered up as needed but it shines with spin, touch, dampening and control. It is also the only paddle in the universe that offers 2 grip sizes UNDER 4.0 !. Entire paddle is made from one solid piece of carbon fiber; so the textured surface never wears down. ***PBC Response*** Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! We know that not every paddle will be right for every player which is why we offer our 30-day no questions asked test drive allowing you to send the paddle back within 30 days of arrival for any reason at all. We are glad you enjoyed the extended version of this paddle, but if you get to play with the non-extended again, I personally think about a gram of weighted tape on each of the corners of the CX14H improves the power and stability significantly. - Joseph, PBC Team

    jeff kohlhardt

  • Cx14

    Dec 27, 2022

    Not your beginner paddle Due to the smaller sweet spot But definitely a paddle for spin and control Took me 3 or 4 games to get used to it I'm very happy with my paddle


  • Gearbox CX14H

    Dec 21, 2022

    I like the long handle, even tho I am a one handed back hander. The weight is perfect for my game. I play control and spin, and when I bang it works just fine. My game is up a notch with this paddle.


  • Gearbox CX14 H

    Sep 6, 2022

    The paddle has great touch, decent power, and speed at kitchen. It has very good control for dinks, drives, slices, and spins. There is also good power when there is an opportunity for a slam. This paddle feels like it has a mind of its own, if the ball does not hit the sweet spot, the paddle will definitely let you know lol. It’s not very forgiving but if you hit the sweet spot and take good care of the paddle, it will definitely take care of you. It’s very fun to play with, I recommend giving it a try. I love the feel, shape, weight, and how it looks. Warning, you may feel bit of a vibration when you hit hard or battle against bangers but thankfully the surface, feel, and texture can give you everything needed to reset/control the ball. Being on point with hitting the sweet spot is a must. The fact that this paddle makes you do that, will make you a better player in general. It’s a good product, zero regrets. All around good quality and a solid paddle (no pun intended).

    Evan Wong

  • Pickleball Product Review

    Aug 25, 2022

    Karen Lyon

  • Gearbox CX14H

    Aug 4, 2022

    This paddle is absolutely amazing! You will not be disappointed if you try it!

    Aug 4, 2022

  • No more elbow pain

    Jul 27, 2022

    There are so many reasons I love my new paddle; but most importantly my elbow pain is gone...... I love the lightness, no edge, and there is a sandy grit to the paddle that helps my spin!

    Jennifer Flentke