Gearbox CX14E Pickleball Paddle

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Thicker 14mm paddle for added control, and elongated shape that increases reach while still providing Gearbox's characteristic graphite chamber SST core for power.

Midweight/Small Grip

Gearbox CX14E Elongated Pickleball Paddle

The Gearbox CX14E Elongated Pickleball Paddle is made with a 14mm thick core (0.55") that is thicker than Gearbox's typical 11mm thickness. In fact, the CX14 series is the first from Gearbox to apply their patented Solid Span Technology (SST) to a thick-core design. The SST core is comprised of graphite chambers arranged precisely such that the paddle offers excellent touch and potency, yet the long shape and thicker core add to stability. Better still, the core design doesn't run the risk of delamination so that you never have to worry about your paddle developing dead spots.

The Gearbox CX14E Elongated Pickleball Paddle has a 16-5/8" overall length, which increases players' reach and ability to defend across the court. It also has a 5-5/8" long handle so that you can add double-handed backhands to your repertoire. The grip circumference can either be selected in a 3-5/8" or 3-15/16" size. This paddle comes in a single 8.0 oz. weight that is optimized to provide power without being so heavy as to reduce reaction time or hand speed.

The Gearbox CX14E Elongated Pickleball Paddle is an adaptable model that will help you improve your skills and precision with every game.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

Gearbox paddles are excluded from our 30 day Paddle Test Drive.


Reviews of the CX14E Elongated Paddle by Pickleball Central Staff:

"I was very excited to play with the newest innovations from Gearbox. The Gearbox paddles truly are unique, and I am always interested to see how they play. But before I get to the playability, let me just say these paddles look great. The clear coat over the face, with the logo embedded above the carbon fiber layer, gives the look of the paddle some really attractive visual depth.

The biggest difference you feel in the paddle is in the thickness of the core – 14mm compared to the 11mm of the
GX5 Control and GX6 Control models. The paddle absorbs more of the energy and makes it the softest playing Gearbox yet, with very little feedback from the paddle. The sweet spot is generous and the paddle plays quite consistently. I played with the Elongated model, as that is the type of paddle I prefer. While I had no trouble with getting balls deep, I felt it missed just a little put away power. It was recommended that I add lead tape to the upper portion of the paddle to gain back the power, and I am excited to give that a try next time out.

Overall, the mad scientists at Gearbox have created another level of technology that adds to the already impressive performance of their paddles."

John, Sales Team (4.0 Player)


Gearbox CX14E Elongated Pickleball Paddle Technical Specifications
Weight Average: 8.5
Weight Range: 7.8 - 8.5 ounces
Grip Circumference: 3 5/8" (small) or 3 15/16" (small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: Gearbox Smooth Wrap
Handle Length: 5 5/8"
Paddle Length: 16 5/8"
Paddle Width: 7 3/8"
Paddle Face: 3K Woven Carbon Fiber
Core Thickness: 14mm (0.55")
Core Material: T-700 Carbon Fiber
Edge Guard: Edgeless
Manufacturer: Gearbox Pickleball
Made in China

Reviews (21)

  • Sent back

    Feb 2, 2023

    Did not like the handle and feel of this paddle

    Charles Olsen

  • Gearbox CX14E

    Jan 14, 2023

    In searching for a new paddle I reached out to the Pickleball clinic sight to ask for suggestions/recommendations. They were extremely helpful in narrowing down my choices. I had specific specs I was looking for and it was just a matter of getting and using the paddle in play. I had 2 and this is the one I chose. For the feel, the length and the control and the shock absorbency it gives me. I am still in the early stages of using it but I feel it's going to work very well for my game. Someone also commented on how sharp looking it is.


  • Gearbox CX14

    Jan 10, 2023

    Quality paddle, many people like it that I have let try it.

    Geoff Velpel

  • CX14E

    Jan 8, 2023

    It’s balanced well, and feels good when I’m playing. It’s great at drives, resets, drops, blocks, and smashes. Even if there are better paddles out there. This is one of the best looking paddles I ever had lol. This feels a little bit heavier and thicker than my CX11E 7.8, but it feels great having this ready at the kitchen. The durability and craftsmanship is excellent. I definitely recommend this product. It’s great if you’re a gearbox fan but hitting the sweet spot is definitely a must.


  • Gearbox CX14E

    Dec 21, 2022

    I've been wanting to upgrade my paddle. I'm currently playing with a ProKennex Pro Speed II. So, I've been sampling about eight paddles and narrowed it down to the Gear box CX14E or the CRBN1 16mm. I went with the CX14, once you get use to the soft quiet feel, the control is unmatched. This paddle takes bullet shots and allows you to send back a perfect drop shot. It does take a few days to get acclimated to.


  • Paddle

    Dec 10, 2022

    This paddle is no different then other Gearbox paddles. Although it is supposed to be less powerful and more accurate, I did not find that to be the case. The paddle is similar to many other paddles and not worth the money.

    Gearbox CX14E

  • GearboxCX14E Pickleball Paddle

    Aug 18, 2022

    Really enjoying the control and feel of this paddle.


  • Gearbox CX14E

    Aug 16, 2022

    Great paddle....getting use to takes a little time

    Jerry Goff

  • If You're A Control Player, There Is No Better!

    Aug 15, 2022

    I was skeptical about any Gearbox paddle. Before this paddle, all their paddles were way too hard for any true short game player. But not this one!! If your game is finesse, angles and drop shots, run, don't walk, to try this paddle. This is by far, the softest paddle you can play today. And spin? Whoa, off the charts. It WILL take a week to ten days to get acclimated to this paddle. It is that different. In the beginning, most shots will be short and a bit low. But hang in there, when it clicks, watch out! I can't say enough about this paddle and the technology behind it.

    Drop Shot All Day

  • CX14E

    Aug 5, 2022

    I've used a wide variety of PB paddles in the 21/2 years since I first played the game. While it is the player more than the equipment; the paddle / balls etc do make a difference. In addition to my experience with the gearbox GX 6 7.8 control, the GX6 8.5 power and the CX14H additionally I have purchased and used paddles from Selkirk and others. I sold all my paddles except for the GX6 Power and the CX14E with the CX14E becoming my "go to" paddle for the balance between power and control. It is nice to have finally settled on a paddle that seem to work well with my game and has helped me become more competitive with the younger players in the 4.0+ range. I'm not beating them senseless, but I am not embarrassing myself either.