GAMMA Pickleball Ball Tube

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GAMMA Pickleball Ball Tube

The Pickleball Ball Tube from GAMMA is one of the most convenient products you’ll find for storing and gathering pickleballs. The lightweight design is made from durable plastic that is collapsible so you can store it in a travel bag then stash up to 12 pickleballs inside once it’s been expanded. Simply push the tube over pickleballs on the ground to gather them for a pain-free clean up experience.

The Pickleball Ball Tube measures 19-3/8" long when collapsed and 35-3/8" expanded. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a fence hook so you can keep it in an accessible location. There is a rubber quick release strap that can be used on the open end of the tube to either keep pickleballs contained or release them all at once if you’re moving them to a basket.

The Pickleball Ball Tube from GAMMA Pickleball provides a fast way to tidy your court without the need for tiring and back-bending labor.


GAMMA Pickleball Ball Tube Technical Specifications
Easy Use Fence Hook for Convenient Storage
Fits 12 Pickleballs
Adjustable Shoulder Straps
Compact Design
4" x 4" x 20"
1.875 lbs
Made in China