Diadem 'The Official' Premier Power Pickleball

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Fast-playing pickleball designed for play on outdoor courts features 40 hole design, one-piece construction, predictable bounce, extremely visible neon yellow color.

Diadem 'The Official' Premier Power Outdoor Pickleball

Designed for the fast-paced modern game, the Diadem Premier Power Pickleball boasts a hardness towards the top end of the acceptable range and a seamless hard plastic construction that encourages slams, drives, and other shots in a power players' repertoire. This fast performance demands visibility, so Diadem made it with a bright neon yellow color that is easy to see against various outdoor backgrounds. Diadem's testing even indictates low breakage in playing temperatures as low as 45℉ (7.2℃).

Conforming with USA Pickleball Tournament specifications, 'The Official' Premier Power Pickleball offers a 0.924 oz. weight, a 40-equally-sized-hole design that cuts through the air, and a 32.66" rebound in official USAP testing. All of this translates to consistent outdoor play in various court conditions, sure to satisfy even the most discerning ball snobs.

The Premier Power Ball from Diadem Pickleball is designed to play hard, fast, and consistently. After all, how can you develop a consistent game if you don't play with a consistent ball?


Diadem 'The Official' Premier Power Pickleball Ball Technical Specifications
Weight: 0.924 oz.
Diameter: 2 7/8"
Bounce: 32.66" (from 75" drop on concrete floor)
Holes: 40, equally sized
Colors: Neon Yellow
Construction: Single Piece Molded, Seamless
Approval: USA Pickleball Approved for Tournament Play
Made in China