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Reliable pickleball ready for any type of play, from beginner practice sessions to big games with high-caliber players.

CORE IMPACT Pickleballs

The CORE IMPACT Pickleball is designed for diehard players passionate enough to play pickleball all twelve months of the year, both indoors and outdoors. These resilient pickleballs weigh on the heavy side at 0.91 ounces and are constructed with a 40-hole design to ensure they fly fast and straight with every drive and overhead slam. When things get heated in the kitchen, the durable one-piece rotomolded polyurethane material allow this ball to handle the heat and bounce back immediately for the next point.

The more you play with the IMPACT Pickleball from CORE, the more you will appreciate the high visiblity of both the  Yellow and Neon color options, which are both easy to see indoors or outdoors, night or day. Arrive at the court with confidence knowing that this ball is USA Pickleball approved and can be trusted to deliver consistent bounces and reliable impact.

Reviews of the IMPACT Pickleballs by Pickleball Central Staff:

"I've been playing with the neon Impact balls from CORE for about a week now, in temperatures varying between 70 and 50 degrees. As experienced players know, anything below about 60 degrees tends to amplify any weaknesses in a pickleball. Also, neon balls tend to fail quicker than yellow ones do. So, I'm here to tell you these CORE IMPACT balls have defied the odds. I've been beating the heck out of the same three balls every day for a week and have yet to crack one or see one fall out of round, even in sub-60 degree temps. And I play with some pretty hard hitters, too. CORE didn't achieve this by creating a squishy ball, either. These are ridgid, fast-paced, high-performance one-piece balls that continue to impress every time I bring them out of my bag."
Traver, Web Guy (4.0 Player)


Core Impact Pickleballs Technical Specifications
One Piece Rotomolded Construction
USA Pickleball Approved
Weight: 0.91 ounces (25.8 grams)
Diameter: 2.91 inches
Bounce: 33.28 inches
40 Holes

Reviews (3)

  • Core impact balls

    Oct 29, 2023

    Great pickleball for the price. It has a consistent bounce and good durability.


  • Outdoor balls

    Apr 9, 2023

    These are awesome! Great bounce and also were great inside!!!!


  • CORE pickleballs

    Feb 15, 2023

    Recommended as not going to crack at 28 degrees. Failed the test. No better than any other ball I’ve tried.