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Deluxe Pickleball Line Set

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Eight line strips create temporary boundaries and use a tacky material so they stay in place without causing stumbles. Pre-cut to perfect lengths, and arrive in a handy carry bag.

Deluxe Pickleball Line Set

The Deluxe Pickleball Line Set is the ideal solution for setting up temporary boundary lines when you can't use tape, paint, chalk or any other marker that could cause damage to a court surface. Made with a proprietary blend of rubber and plastic, these line strips have a non-slip texture and are able to stick to a variety of surfaces without the tendency to move around during play. This makes them highly versatile and portable, perfect for instructors and players alike who want to be able to set up games or drills on the go.

The Deluxe Pickleball Line Set comes with eight line strips consisting of 2 long lines, 4 medium lines and 2 short lines so you can mark a full court on both sides including the non-volley zone. They are highly durable and can be washed if they get dirty without losing their tacky feel. The lines come in a convenient circular carrying case and can be wrapped around 2 included foam disks so they're stored in an organized manner.

The Deluxe Pickleball Line Set is a versatile way to mark smooth court surfaces in any location while keeping players safe.

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Deluxe Pickleball Line Set Technical Specifications
Weight: 17 lbs

Carry Bag
2-Long Lines (side lines) pre-cut to 44' each
4-Medium Lines (baselines and kitchen lines) approximately 19' 8" each
2-Short Lines (backcourt center lines) approximately 14' 8" each