TechTalk with Diadem: What to Expect from The Edge 18K

by Kelly Frazier on Aug 15, 2023

TechTalk with Diadem: What to Expect from The Edge 18K

TechTalk with Diadem Pickleball

With a new paddle set for imminent release, we sat down with Evan Specht to get the inside scoop on the Diadem Edge 18K Pickleball Paddle. In addition to exploring the new paddle, we got his thoughts on high level paddle technology, ball technology, and where Diadem may go from here. 

Diadem continues to stay on the forefront of technology and paddle innovation, what was the inspiration of the 18K's triaxial carbon fiber weave?

It is all about finding the materials that can add to the performance of a pickleball paddle. Our sourcing team that also does sourcing for all our sports and products is always looking for new and innovative materials and construction to maximize whatever we are trying to achieve. With the Edge 18k we wanted to go behind the T700 - 3k carbon fiber and find how to produce spin in any direction of contact.

Diadem Edge 18k Pickleball Paddle

In your range of paddles, from Warrior to Icon, where does the Edge 18K fit in terms of power players vs control players?

The Edge 18k is still considered a spin and control paddle. The Icon V2 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is your power focused option and the Warrior V2 Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle is an all-around paddle. So players looking for spin and control will lean more to the Edge 18k.

Players today are more worried about spin than ever, can you talk about ALL the elements that help a paddle spin a pickleball? (Face, texture, core, shape etc)

The number one generator of spin is the player's ability to quickly rotate the paddle with a wrist flick or roll. But in regards to the paddle the spin can be created by the deflection, much like a string on a tennis racket pocketing the ball - but with the USAP rules that deflection is very limited. Therefore where you will see the most spin production is from the face of the paddle grabbing the ball. Where we identified the opportunity to improve that is the multi-directional roughness compared to the uni-directional lines of the T-700. With the 18k 3D and the 3 different directions the fibers are aligned, you will get grip and spin regardless of the angle at contact.

Your innovation goes beyond paddles. This year you have introduced the Diadem Power Pickleball in both Neon and Yellow. Both play at a performance level, with yellow being the fastest and most shapable. As you developed the ball, what were the most important elements of performance you targeted?

We spent over 1 year fine tuning the compounds and additives in the ball to find a ball that was fast but durable. The biggest complaints we heard with the main balls on the market was they broke or they warped too quickly. So after a lot of testing we were able to produce a ball that absolutely does not break but is still a hard and fast ball.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

Innovation and growth is not done, we have a lot of new items already in production set to launch in the next 6 months as well as development projects slated for 2024. Diadem is always going to put most of our time and effort into producing the best product pickleball players want