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Zelus Olympus LITE Arch Support Insoles

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Zelus Olympus LITE Arch Support Insoles

The Zelus Olympus LITE Arch Support Insoles are made to strengthen the performance of your footwear and provide better comfort during play. Arch support and cushioning ensure you feel more spring in your step while staying stable. Players will experience less jarring impact, better alignment and lasting quality so you can keep your feet feeling their best. Each pair of insoles is crafted in the USA with durability in mind.

The Zelus Olympus LITE Arch Support Insoles use SmartCells cushioning in areas that see the most action so that up to 20% of impact is absorbed and returned as energy. The molded arch support is custom orthotic-grade so that your feet are held in the proper position no matter how you move. The top cover of the insoles are made of EVA foam has a durable and gentle construction.

The Zelus Olympus LITE Arch Support Insoles will take great shoes and make them even better, providing players with supreme comfort, security and protection. They can extend the useful life of your high-quality court shoes.

Fit Info: Trimming is not always necessary with Zelus Insoles. However, if you find that your full length insole is too long or wide you may find that trimming the insole will do just the trick to a get a perfect fit. Remove the existing insole from your shoe and use it as a tracing pattern to mark the size needed, then cut with scissors to fit.


• Length: Full Length - Based on shoe size
• SmartCells Cushioning Location: Heel and Metatarsal Area (Ball of the Foot)
• Arch Support: Molded EVA Arch Support
• Top Cover: Zelus EVA (Green)