Selkirk Tacky Pickleball Overgrip - 3 Pack

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Selkirk Tacky Pickleball Overgrip - 3 Pack

The Selkirk Tacky Pickleball Overgrip 3 Pack is a convenient way to renew your paddle if its original grip has gotten worn or if you would like to add padding on top of an existing grip. These overgrips can be wrapped in a highly overlapping manner to provide more cushioning than typical overgrips, and won't add much weight to throw off the balance of your paddle.

A single Tacky Handle Overgrip will cover a small circumference handle (4") but can be added cumulatively for more coverage if desired. The grips have a smooth yet tacky feel to prevent players' hands from slipping and will repel moisture away from their surface.

The Tacky Pickleball Handle Overgrips 3-pack by Selkirk is useful to have available in case you need to re-grip your paddle in the middle of a tournament, or add more stability to your swings.