Diadem Pro Touch Grips - 3 Pack

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Overgrip that adds tackiness and cushioning with minimal thickness to help your paddle feel good in your hands.

Diadem Pro Touch Overgrip

Every avid pickleball player has a particular hand feel they look for with their paddle, the Diadem Pro Touch Overgrip helps you achieve this feel by adding tack and cushioning. The .6mm thickness barely adds circumference to your handle for a precise feel, while the polyurethane construction is able to achieve both tack and cushion that adds confidence.

The Pro Touch Overgrip from Diadem Pickleball is designed to work in just about any climate thanks to its ability to absorb sweat throughout a match. If your sweat does turn out to be too much, you can quickly pat it dry with your shirt or nearby towel so that you can continue to dominate your opponent.


Diadem Overgrip Technical Specifications
Polyurethane Construction
Tacky Texture
Soft Feel
.6mm Thickness

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