Gearbox Protective Bumper Tape 3-pack

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Gearbox Paddle Protective Tape - Qty 3

This Protective Bumper Tape by Gearbox Pickleball is the best way to keep your investment safe from surface scratches during regular games. It can be used on any of Gearbox's paddles to help defend against impact, and is strongly recommended for the GX5 and GX6 models in particular, due to their edgeless design. The tape will protect against cosmetic damage and minor scrapes.


  • 20mm x 320mm size for GX5 and GX6 edgeless paddles
  • 30mm x 350mm size for CP7 and GH7+ honeycomb core paddles

The Gearbox Protective Edge Tape comes 3 to a pack, and is made from versatile nylon fiber. It's easy to install and will adhere to the edge of your paddle for extra security; however, it does not add strength to the overall structure of your gear. It is offered in both small and medium sizes to ensure it won't get in the way of your game. This Gearbox-branded edge tape protection is a smart and simple way to keep your paddle in top shape over time.


Gearbox Paddle Protective Tape 3-pack
20 X 320mm: best for GX5 and GX6 edgeless models
30 X 350mm: best for CP7 and GH7+ honeycomb core models
Nylon Fiber with Adhesive Backing