Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 40oz

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Stainless steel bottle with vacuum insulation and copper-coated interior to maintain your drink’s temperature throughout the day.

Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 40 Ounce

The Selkirk Premium Water Bottle will keep you hydrated wherever you go. It’s made to insulate your water or beverage of choice against the weather thanks to its stainless steel construction and copper-coated interior wall. The sleek and sturdy design is easy to take along during travel and won’t drip if it’s accidentally knocked on the ground.

The 40 oz Premium Water Bottle is vacuum insulated which helps to maintain its temperature throughout the day. The cap has both pop-up and twist closure options so you can quickly get to your drink. An adjustable handle provides a simple way to grab the bottle or attach it to a bag. Its design has a solid color with the Selkirk logo and name running vertically along the bottle.

The Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 40 oz is a requirement for staying safe and healthy between tough matches.


Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 40oz
Vacuum insulated
Copper-coated inner wall
Stainless steel

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