Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 64oz

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Large half-gallon stainless steel bottle. Durable with vacuum insulation and interior copper wall for a consistent temperature.

Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 64 Ounce

The Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 64 oz will help you reach your hydration goals and keep you prepped for the courts. This half-gallon bottle lets you bring water on the go without concern that it will drip, spill or cause other problems during transit. The design is made from durable stainless steel and vacuum insulated to maintain either heat or cold.

The 64 oz Premium Water Bottle has a copper-coated inner wall to further enhance its insulating properties. The bottle comes in several colors with Selkirk’s logo and name shown vertically in silver. The top can be opened via a pop-up cap or by unscrewing the entire piece. A handle adds another way to carry the bottle or allows you to to attach it to a bag.

The Premium Water Bottle from Selkirk Pickleball will keep your drink at a consistent temperature while ensuring you'll stay in top condition throughout the day.


Selkirk Premium Water Bottle 64oz
Vacuum insulated
Copper-coated inner wall
Stainless steel