Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net with Carbon Fiber Frame

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Offical Net of the PPA Pickleball Tour. Semi-permanent net with carbon fiber frame, omni-directional wheels, and permanent-net play. The future of high-end pro nets!

Selkirk 001 Pro Semi-Permanent Carbon Fiber Pickleball Net

Official Net of the PPA Pickleball Tour!

Your video introduction to the Labs 001 Carbon Fiber Net System!

Whether you want to play for the afternoon or the whole summer, the semi-permanent Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net "revolutionizes the pickleball experience." This net boasts a 100% non-corroding carbon fiber frame for maximum strength and durability while minimizing weight and the thickness of the upright posts. Total weight is just 85 lbs., far less than semi-permanent nets with steel frames. This impressive portable net maintains regulation height at the sidelines and center while keeping a taught top cord for permanent-net performance. The 001 Net was also engineered with a gap below the frame which allows pickleballs to roll underneath it, unlike other semi-permanent net systems, to keep the match going at a brisk pace.

The forward-thinking design of the 001 Pro Pickleball Net allows you to set it up in less than 30 minutes, while take-down and storage in the included wheeled bag is a breeze, making it truly a semi-permanent option. The hinged fold-flat wheels that make repositioning and securing the net easy, while the court line indicators on the beam ensure accurate placement between sidelines.

The Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Net is designed with highly durable and lightweight materials, and precisely engineered to play like a permanent net while giving you the flexibility of a semi-permanent option. Made in America!

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Selkirk Labs 001 Pro Pickleball Net Technical Specifications
100% Carbon Fiber Frame
Net Tension Rods
Semi-Permanent with Permanent Net Play Characteristics
Omnidirectional Fold-Flat Wheels
Wheeled Trolley Bag Included
85 lbs.
Regulation Net Height (36" – 34" – 36") by 22 feet wide