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Flex Practice Cones (Set of 6)

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Bright, slip-proof target cones that won't easily fall in windy conditions. Set of six cones. Cones measure 9 x 5".

Flex Practice Cones (Set of 6)

The Flex Practice Cones are similar to normal ground markers but are safer and perform better. These special cones come with gaps in them so that if they’re accidentally stepped on they will collapse rather than hurt players or cause tripping. This also makes it harder for them to blow over if you’re practicing in windy weather.

The Flex Practice Cones come in 6 different colors that are all bright and easily visible on courts. They are 9” high and perfect for drills. Along the bottom there are rounded “feet” along the sides in four areas to add extra stability.

The Flex Practice Cones ensure you can keep your footing and have a reliable target during practice.


Includes six flexible cones
Cones measures 9 x 5"