Selkirk Cushion Contour Pickleball Grip

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Selkirk Cushion Contour Pickleball Grip

The Selkirk Cushion Contour Pickleball Grip is a great choice for beginners and those who want an easy way to tell where their hand is placed on their grip. Thanks to this accessory's ridges, you can quickly make adjustments based on tactile feel. This will gradually result in a more intuitive sense of where to grasp along the handle depending on what type of shot is being used. It also offers a nice degree of tack to prevent slipping.

The Cushion Contour Handle Grip is the same typed used in Selkirk's PRIME line. It has plenty of cushioning, as the name suggests, to reduce the amount of vibration reaching the hand and adding comfort to play. It will cover a medium circumference handle (up to 4 1/4") and can be used to swap out an old, damaged grip or to change up the general feel of your handle for a more textured surface.

The Cushion Contour Pickleball Handle Grip by Selkirk adds security and allows players to quickly reference where their hand is based on touch.