ProStrips Finger Tape

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This flexible, breathable polyester tape is easily applied to the hand, preventing blisters and other painful abrasions caused by extended play.

ProStrips Finger Tape

ProStrips Finger Tape prevents abrasions and blisters from using your paddle for extended periods of time. If you know of certain "hot spots" on your hand that get irritated over time, this tape will protect those areas from damage. Easily applied and perfect for keeping your hands safe without the need for a full glove.

ProStrips Finger Tape is made of 100% polyester that has perforations which allow the skin to breathe. It is flexible and moves with you to prevent uncomfortable pulling. The tape tears by hand so that you don't have to carry extra scissors or other tools to cut the right amount when you're in the middle of training.

ProStrips Finger Tape will stop painful rubbing or scratches from affecting your hands so that you can swing your paddle stress-free.


ProStrips Finger Tape Technical Specifications
Measurements: 5" X 10 Yd