Kinesiology I Strip Rolls

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Provide support to your joints and muscles. 100% cotton tape is latex-free and breathable. 20 pre-cut strips per roll. Choose from six colors

Mueller Kinesiology I Strip Rolls

The Kinesiology Tape I-Strip Rolls are a quick and effective way to support sore muscles and joints. This tape can help improve blood flow and reduce pain by gently creating space between your tissues and skin. With extreme stretch and a special wave pattern adhesive, you'll hardly feel their presence. They can also relieve swelling and assist the muscles in retaining flexibility during recovery.

The Kinesiology Tape I-Strip Rolls can be used for up to 5 days and are made from 100% high quality cotton. They have a breathable feel and won't reduce the wearer's range of motion. Each roll comes with 20 pre-cut strips which are 2" x 9-3/4" long. The adhesive won't pull at the skin or cause irritation thanks to its mild formula.

The Kinesiology Tape I-Strip Rolls are made to support your body's performance and make the recovery process smoother when facing an injury.

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