Mueller Advanced Patella Strap

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Slim strap with a molded EVA buttress to aid with knee pain. Adjustable and versatile with antimicrobial properties. One size fits most.

Mueller Advanced Patella Strap

Mueller’s Advanced Patella Strap is a low-profile solution for knee pain. The strap works by compressing the tendons surrounding the knee and keeping them aligned during play, which helps to efficiently distribute tension. It can be worn either above or below the knee to better support your knee after an injury—or before an injury occurs.

The one-size-fits-most Advanced Patella Strap is protected by an anti-microbial treatment and features an adjustable wraparound design. Alongside the ability to wear it above or below the knee, the molded EVA buttress can be adjusted laterally to provide targeted compression.

The Advanced Patella Strap is an effective and comfortable way to ensure your patellar tendon gets an excellent level of support.


Mueller Advanced Patella Strap Technical Specifications
One Size Fits Most
Advanced Support Level
Floating, Molded EVA Buttress
Bi-Lateral Strap for Directional Adjustment
Anti-Microbial Treatment

Reviews (2)

  • This is my 2nd purchase of 2 for maintaining a strong support of the area right below the knee. My first pair lasted about 5 months.

    Apr 9, 2023

    I do feel the price of nearly 23 dollars is too much to pay 'per' strap.

    Ron Nelson

  • MAPS Review

    May 17, 2022

    For me it works well, quality is good and price fair.

    Ronald Nelson